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Welcome to the official website for the Python language. The following items are accessible from the top of each page on this site:

  • Home - this page: orientation, announcements, news
  • Tutorial - learn Python in an afternoon!
  • Help - if you're new here, or simply lost
  • Search - various Python search engines
  • News - recent Python announcements
  • Community - the Python Software Activity (PSA)
  • Download - Python runs on your favorite platform
  • SIGs - Special Interest Groups' mailing lists and archives
  • Documentation - copious, online and downloadable

Top documentation links

Other items of interest

  • Events - Python events around the world, including where Python is being taught
  • Jobs - Python programming job announcements
  • Python Bugs List - browse and submit bug reports
  • The Daily Python-URL! - daily updates to Python news summaries, by Fredrik Lundh
  • Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly summaries of the Python newsgroups picked by rotating editors, supervised by Cameron Laird
  • The Python Bookstore - links to all the Python related books currently in publication

For developers

Python development takes place at SourceForge. You can find the following items there: