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Can't find what you're looking for?

The Python FAQ has answers to many of the specific questions you might have, and the Python FAQ Wizard provides some handy extras, like a search engine and an index of recent additions. (It's maintained by PSA members, another reason to join the PSA.)

The sidebar on the left of each page (and this page in particular) has several generally useful items, and the site map shows an overview of the site layout.

New to Python?

Wonder where to get Python?

  • See the download page for links to sources, binaries, and so forth, for the Python core and important addons. It's organized per platform (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux) for your convenience.

Learning how to program a computer?

  • Try Learning to Program - an introduction to programming in Python for those who have never programmed before, by Alan Gauld.
  • Check out the Tutor mailing list. It is intended for folks who want to ask questions regarding how to learn computer programming with the Python language.

Got a Python problem or question?

  • First check the Python FAQ, with answers to many common, general Python questions. (The FAQ Wizard provides extras, like searchability.)
  • If you suspect a bug in the Python core, search the Python Bugs List.
  • For Python CGI questions, try Dave Mitchell's Python CGI FAQ on Starship.
  • [email protected] (a.k.a. [email protected]) reaches a volunteer team of crack Python experts. (When posing questions, take care - the better your details - including exact error messages, system configuration, etc - the more likely the helpers will be able to grasp what's going on.) More info: Python-help description.
  • The Python newsgroup, comp.lang.python, reaches many many people, some of whom may already have hit and surmounted your problem. Also available as a maillist - for more info, see the newsgroup description.

Looking for a particular Python module or application?

Want to contribute?

Did we miss your concern?