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Source Access Via CVS

Newsflash: We've moved the CVS repository to SourceForge, a public repository of thousands of Open Source projects. See below for help with the transition.

For the impatient, you can just jump to the access instructions, or you can view our online CVS repository. You can also get notified of new checkins via email.

If you plan on generating patches to Python, we highly encourage you to grab the CVS snapshot, and generate patches against it. It is possible that your problem has already been fixed, and if not, it makes our job of integrating your changes much easier if it applicable to the current source code. In all cases, read the Python Patch Guidelines before submitting your patch.

Retargeting Existing CVS Trees

Greg Ward has written a Python script, cvs_chroot, that fixes your CVS admin files (all CVS/Root and CVS/Repository files), so that you can keep using your current working directory.

What is available?

The entire Python distribution, including documentation!

In fact, the entire current snapshot is always available, and our changes to the internal source tree are immediately reflected in the read-only CVS mirror. This means that if you want to stay on the bleeding edge of Python development, you can easily do so by checking out the source tree, and updating as changes are checked in by Guido and others on the development team. If you are more inclined to wait until more stable versions are officially released, then wait for Guido's announcements on the appropriate mailing lists, newsgroups, and Web sites.

You may also want to check out Mark Hammond's Pythonwin CVS tree, and Jack Jansen's MacPython CVS distribution.

We hope that David Ascher will soon start generating his nightly tarballs from the new repository. For those of you having trouble accessing CVS through your firewall, this might be a viable alternative. David is also making tarballs available for Zope and PyOpenGL.