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Retired Python SIGs

The following SIGs are retired. You can still view their web pages and archives, but their mailing lists are deactivated. A retired SIG can be revived, using the same criteria as that for creating a new SIG.

Name / Home Description Info Coordinator Retired
matrix-sig Numerical Python archive Paul Dubois Jan 2000
locator-sig Python Resource Tracking (Software, docs, projects...) archive Paul Everitt Jan 98
pattern-sig Idioms, Patterns, and Frameworks archive Dinu Gherman Jan 98
progenv-sig Programming Environment archive Ken Manheimer Jan 98
pythonwin-sig Win95/NT GUI version of Python archive Mark Hammond Jun 97
web-sig World Wide Web utilities. archive Michael McLay Jan 98
gui-sig Graphical User Interface archive Jim Fulton Jan 99
objc-sig Objective-C viz Python archive Jeff Sickel Jan 99